Commercial Portfolio

Back garden ‘Wisteria’ commission.

I was asked to paint a realistic wisteria plant growing up the side of a house in St.Werburgs, Bristol. As a result of the owner seeing a similar piece i painted 10 years previous to this. Along with this i also painted a window in the middle of the wall to beak up the uniform of the mural.

riks bristol graffiti low rez-3

Kids bedroom commissions.


 Bristol Volksfest.

Some custom painted vans at Bristols Volksfest 2014.


Car interior painting for Bristol Auto Repairs shop.

Whilst painting vehicles at Bristol Volksfest, I was asked to head to the Bristol Auto Repairs workshop a few weeks later, to paint the interior of the bonnet, roof and boot of this Mazda MX5 mark2.



A custom bedroom mural: commissioned by UK cricket captain Freddie Flintoff

This bedroom mural was designed by a (non graffiti artist) graphic designer; with an agency artist in mind to paint it. After the agency replied stating they were not confident enough to commit to the mural, I was called in to help. Within 2days, I was in Manchester painting the mural with fellow artist, and good friend, Steve ‘Ryder‘ Ellis. The clients were really pleased with the result! and booked us to paint a second bedroom (below) also designed by the same designer.

Bedroom murals

Google/Android World Mobile Congress, Barcelona

My good friend, and work colleague, Wei ‘SilentHobo Ong was commissioned to work for Google and Android in Barcelona. I was called in to help paint the 5 story super club, ‘Razzmataz’, in order to get it ready for the 2012 World Moblie Congress After Party!

Commissioned mural in Chamonix, French Alps

Organised by Paul Blower at the King of Paint gallery in Bristol. Haka, 3dom and myself, Mr Riks held an exhibition at LeVert Hotel in Chamonix, France! We were commissioned to paint a large scale mural of the surrounding area for the hotel: in exchange for this 2 day mural, in below zero temperatures, we received an exclusive 5 day free a snowboard holiday with the hotel!

Contraband Events Agency in London.

I have worked for Contraband Events Agency for many years now and have a great relationship with Managing Director Archie Archer. Although, on this occasion they were the client! Archie emailed saying they “wouldn’t ask anyone else to do the job!” I pride this on my professionalism and ability to produce personalised jobs. I was asked to come to London to paint a Contraband piece as a feature for their London Head Office. The remit: a ‘wild style’ piece in company colours. For me personally, this was a great opportunity to finally put-a-face-to the individual members of staff I have communicated with, over email, for years!

The Canvas below was painted at a Student Union talent showcase performance, I was there to represent Contraband Events and I painted this live during the lunch break using a solvent free paint called ‘Sugar’.


 Below are more examples of commissioned works by MrRiks