Graffiti Workshop Schedules

I have been providing graffiti workshops for over 15 years now and have gained a wealth of knowledge over these years on tailoring the sessions to suit each client. Graffiti workshops can be run in many different ways. The way I would plan a workshop schedule would all depend on the clients time schedule and the target goal of what they would like the participants to learn from the sessions, so each session would be tailor made to fit there brief.

Should you like to chat over any ideas or know more about the session planning please don’t hesitate to email me on

Mr.Riks Bio

“As an artist I believe it is my responsibility to share my art and the expression of my art with others. However as a result of becoming a father I now feel a desire to share this with the younger generations of artists. I believe that they will also experience many similar obstacles that I did whilst developing their art forms living in a busy urban environment. I have quite specific reasons why I am in involved in art on many levels. Having spent most of my formative years as a youth, then as a young adult in a city, I feel that I was subject to many messages, aimed at me directly and indirectly. Through advertising, media, schooling and city life. Endless input from many sources mixed, with the emotions I experienced entering into adulthood influenced my personal development in many ways. Now it feels very important for me as an individual to express these effects. Art, especially graffiti helps me to communicate and share such feelings and keeps me balanced. It creates a harmony between, the sources of input and my personal output in life. This defines my creative flow and ensures my mental, emotional and physical well being. I want to share this. Art has made me conscious of what sources are aiming to influence my thoughts and behaviour. Quite simply when I stand back and reflect upon my work I discover what flows from me and what I contribute to my community. I feel that this has helped me become a more conscious and understanding member of a wider society. Many years of experience have enabled me to deconstruct the process necessary for a person to develop creatively in an urban landscape. As a result I am confidently capable as a teacher and as an artist and would like to share this knowledge with younger members who also have a similar passion for art that I do”.