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Dean Lane, Bristol.

blue dean lane wildstyle mr.riks bristol graffiti artist workshops low rez-So I managed to squeeze another piece down at my local hall of fame, the infamous ‘Deaner’ or better known as Dean Lane park in south Bristol. I had an afternoon free so got to spend a little bit more time on this one. One day i mite have enought time to do a background or character aswell:)

1st piece of 2016

mr.riks 2016 windmill hill bristol graffiti artist workshops low rez-

Finding it hard at the momment after becoming a father for the second time, to find the time to stand at a wall and paint all day, but I finally got around to painting my first piece of 2016. It took all of an hour and I kind of like it:)

CFroo Ep artwork

bristol graffiti artist workshops cfroolow rez-8170

My good friend Cfroo asked me to do his new EP artwork along with designing and screen printing the tshirts. This is what Icame up with…

Smile canvas for ‘Studio Upstairs’ art auction

bristol graffiti artist workshops studio upstairs low rez-This is a small piece I painted for a charity art auction for ‘Studio Upstairs’  creative recovery studio. The theme for the auction was ‘smile’. Although I have to admit I did source the image off google as I was a bit rushed for time.

‘Riks’ airbrush painting.

bristol graffiti artist workshops low rez-8136This is a piece I painted using airbrush and paint pens on fine art paper. Framed at ‘Niche Frames’ measuring 480mm x 355mm. Feel free to email me with offers:)

Friends are family

bristol graffiti artist workshops low rez-8135 This is a piece I finished a while ago but only just got it framed at ‘Niche Frames’ in Stokes Croft, Bristol. ‘Friends are family’ was inspired but good friends and some hard times. Overall size is 790mm x 650mm using airbrush, spray paint and paint pens on fine art paper. Please email me if your interested in  purchasing the piece.

Bristol’s, Windmill Hill Graffiti wall

mr.riks ktf raw bristol graffiti artist workshops low rez-7864Ive painted graffiti on this wall so many times and so many times I have tried to stay away from it but if your painting solo it is a perfect size, its smooth, its track side and in a very nice park, so hell ,why not add another Windmill Hill mural to my collection.


whirlpool pit mural

bristol graffiti artist workshops wirlpool low rez--5This back garden mural was painted in an old trampoline pit in Yatton, North Somerset. I was asked to come up with a design incorporating a whirlpool on the floor of the pit This it what I came up with. Im really happy with the results as aerosol spray paint is’nt really designed for floor painting.

Boom Town Festival 2015

bristol graffiti artist workshops boomtown artists low rez-7613This is my small contribution to the artwork in China town at the Boom Town Festival 2015. I was asked to add to an existing mural which was painted in 2013 but the wall had been extended by 4f. As it was in the China town area and the mural had a tiger on already, I was asked if I could paint a stalk facing the tiger as in martial arts tiger and stalk styles fight a lot. So this is what I came up with.

Style of summer 2015

riks bristol graffiti low rez-17riks bristol graffiti low rez-0054riks bristol graffiti low rez-16riks bristol graffiti low rez-2