Snow Graffiti

I bit late to post this as it was done in the winter of 2014 just before xmas. This took a long time and cold toes but it was all worth it. I painted and constructed this snow graffiti wall with ‘Rowdy’ on the left and ‘Haka’ in the middle. A few days later these pieces were covered in local press and news channels. Bristol graffiti at its best:)

snowriks snowgraff

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A selection of quick styles

Sometimes I find It way more enjoyable to paint quick graffiti pieces rather than spending all day on one masterpiece. All the graffiti pieces here took no longer than 2 hours to paint and this seems to be the direction of my artwork at the present. To enjoy the process more then worrying about the end result.





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Mr.Riks ‘Pyramid’ Stlye Pieces from 2014



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Custom Skateboards

I produced these custom skateboard decks as part of a Bristol graffiti skateboard art show, held at Don Majors, Bristol. Set up by fellow artist ‘Ryder’ as part of the Raw Gallery.



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Bristol Subway Gallery

In the heart of Bristol some tatty old subways were giving to the graffiti community for use as a ‘Hall of Fame’ to freely paint. Organised by Bristol graffiti artist ‘Tom Deams’ this was a truly unique thing and proved to be a massive hit with the locals residents, as the crime rate in the subways dropped since we have been painting it.



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CaptainRiks Print release.


So here it is, My first ever print release. Its been a long time coming but it’s finally here.

I’ve always struggled with the side of graffiti which doesn’t involve painting a surface with spray paint. The whole art scene or art world, is a million miles away from my humble beginning’s as a graffiti writer, where stealth and invisibility are fundamental to you survival as a writer, where as the art world seems to be exactly the opposite.

print advert



So, I’m about 4/5 years old, and being the baby of the family, I was often called ‘lil Ricky’. In the days where going to Tesco’s, food shopping, with my mum was actually quite an exciting trip. I can remember finding out that the spaceman on the front of the ‘Kellog’s Ricicles’ box was called ‘Captain Rik’: Not only did the character appear on TV adverts, and on the front of a cereal box, but he had his own comic strip on the back of the box too!

Now for a 4/5 year old boy, this is pretty cool. So, from that point on, I would make sure I went shopping with my mum, every Friday, and try to get her to buy ‘Ricicles’ rather then my brother’s choice of ‘Shreddies’. (Oh the powers of marketing to an innocent young boy).

So, fast-forward to today, where graffiti is the only art-form in the world designed by kids for kids and Captain Rik is still a firm image in my memory. I decided that this would be an interesting path to take my artwork as ‘growing-up’ in modern society’s sense is something I have always struggled with.

Personally, I feel we should all have jet packs in a handy rucksack so we can jet off to distant galaxies to explore, paint, surf, sk8 and generally have fun living our lives. And, if not jetting off for fun then to escape this modern day slave-race, for a just a minute, and the inhumane gang (we call our Government) that controls it.






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Mr.Riks ‘dub’ styles

This is a small selection of quick ‘dub’ style pieces.

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KTF Crew at ‘See No Evil’ graffiti festval

‘See No Evil’ is an international graffiti festival held in Bristol. Orginised by Bristol graffiti artist Tom ‘INKIE’ Bingle, this events attracts many of the top Graffiti artists from around the world to help paint large scale murals on high rise buildings in Bristol’s city center.


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Brisfest Graffiti by KTF Crew

Brisfest is an Annual weekend music and arts festival normally held at the end of September in central Bristol, organized by Bristol graffiti artist ‘Cheba’ from Weapon of Choice gallery.

Molar, 2Keen and MrRiks. Brisfest 2010

SilentHobo,Reaf, Ryda, Haka and MrRiks. Brisfest 2011


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Jacob’s 4th birthday mural

For my sons 4th birthday I painted him a 100f long KTF mural with spider man swinging on the letters. On previous birthdays I have painted him small canvas with his favorite cartoon characters on. Although on his 4th I did’nt have enough time to paint him a canvas. At the same time we had a KTF exhibition on, in the Bristol graffiti shop ‘King of Paint Gallery’. For this I had to paint a big bill board style piece as a promotional piece. So i decided to tie it in with Jacobs birthday present.

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